MUNCHKIN | SPLASH™ Toddler Utensils

Retail | $5.00
Year | 2017

Self-feeding is a multifaceted milestone. Once they feel comfortable enough to eat on their own, they need to master using utensils, too! Nudge them in the right direction with Splash™ toddler flatware. Designed especially for little mouths and hands, this fork, knife and spoon set brings self-feeding up a notch with comfy, easy-to-grip handles and an array of fun colors to choose from. Toddlers will love eating like grown-ups at the dinner table, and because these kid-friendly utensils were created with their safety and size in mind, they’ll embrace independent eating with ease.

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Design Challenge

  1. The company has grown well in UK flatware market, but it still fell behind in the toddler category. Company’s strategic rationale was to introduce toddler utensils with best-in-class, innovative features to compete effectively in the market and gain shares from #1 player.

  2. The design was to be aligned with the 2018 development of other cutleries in plan, and the research on ergonomics was much needed.

  3. Defining correct shapes and sizes for the spoon bowl, fork tines and knife edge/ sharpness through qualitative and quantitative researches.


  1. Defined correct sizes of utensils for babies and toddlers of different age groups through working with two other Industrial Designers.

  2. Researched issues of many baby/toddler utensils in the market and address its ergonomic and safety issues through a group presentation to Munchkin executives.

  3. Met Marketing projected retail and internal margins while implementing true grade of stainless steel material.


  • Started as UK only item, but it became a staple of Munchkin’s global feeding item. As a result, the product became a mother of all SPLASH™ products over period of time.
    The executive team requested other designers to come up with bowls, plates and series of SPLASH™ products that can all go together on the retail spaces.

  • Currently being sold throughout U.S, Canada and many regions in EU market.

  • IDA International Design Award, Honorable Mention, 2018.

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  • FORM

    Handles are designed ergonomically for average toddlers of 18+ months. Overall, the utensils have rounded shape, and its backsides are smooth to touch. There are no sharp corners, edges or nooks and crannies on the handles for both safety and easy to clean purposes.


    Spoon bowl is not too shallow or deep, and its width was developed for an average size mouth of 18+ months. Fork tines are rounded and not too long, and it can only pierce through medium-soft food such as broccolis, strawberries and macaroni.
    Knife edge has faux-serrations, and the shape of tip is broader and rounder than the base, so it can be safe for toddlers to put it into their mouths as well as accidently dropped onto their feet.


    All plastic parts are BPA free and the metal handle is an austenitic stainless steel. All parts were reviewed and certified through the safety lab.


    The product is not recyclable as its plastic part is over molded to a metal part. However, it is designed to withstand drops and abuses through internal given test standards, which means it can be used for much longer period of time.


    The plastic parts are made of high quality polypropylene (PP), and the stainless steel handle was stamped cut, formed and polished throughout.


    The product costs $5.00 (USD), and it includes a spoon, a fork and a knife as a set. It also comes in as 7-piece dining set: divided plate, flat plate, bowl, cup with training lid, fork, knife, & spoon for $20.00 (USD).

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  • “They are appropriately sized for little kids, and work MUCH better than all-plastic utensils which means little kids actually enjoy using them instead of becoming frustrated. My 16 month old does very well with the spoon & fork. The spoon is more like a standard spoon just mini sized, as opposed to similar spoons we own that are flat and wide. I am not worried about letting her use a fork with metal tines at meal time - it pierces food better than plastic forks, and it's not like I'm letting her run around the house with it. My 4 year old enjoys the spoon, fork, and especially the knife. Unlike a similar set we have, this knife actually has a lightly serrated edge, and cuts & spreads like a real knife (just a relatively dull one with a rounded tip). He made his own PB&J this weekend and even cut it in half - he was so proud of himself!” (by SJU82)

  • “I requested this set of flatware after having been introduced to them through the Munchkin Color Me Hungry Toddler Dining Set (highly recommend!). Initially, I thought that these would be too large for a little one's mouth but our daughter has no trouble using these at 10mo old - and yes - she is self feeding with a spoon! She still hasn't figured out the fork and I certainly don't expect her to be using the knife anytime soon but she does play with them, supervised, during meal times. The knife looks like it has a serrated edge like your typical butterknife but it's smooth to touch and can really only 'cut' into something in the same way you might cut into something using the side of your fork or spoon. It's rather safe so long as they're being used with adult supervision and common sense. Very easy to clean; I choose to hand wash these but hubs put them through the dishwasher the other day and they came out just fine. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this set and would definitely recommend it.” (Christina)

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