MUNCHKIN | POLISH™ Toddler Utensils

Retail | $18.00
Year | 2017

Big on style but small enough for toddler mouths and hands, Polish™ stainless steel utensils give mealtime a much-needed upgrade. This sleek metallic flatware is the first of its kind for kids and helps toddlers transition to self-feeding with style and ease. They’ll feel like grown-ups at the dinner table with stainless steel forks, spoons and knives designed with their safety and size in mind. Parents love the neutral, goes-with-everything design (no bright colors in sight!) and toddlers love elevating their status to "big kid." Everyone wins!

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Design Challenge

  1. Design a set of 3 utensils made of high-quality stainless steel material for Munchkin’s premium feeding item for the first time.

  2. When sitting at the dinner table, kids want to emulate everything adults do. They often insist on using mom and dad's adult-sized utensils. But using utensils designed for bigger hands and mouths is dangerous for a toddler. Based on research findings based on SPLASH™ Toddler Utensils project, implement correct shapes and sizes of utensils into 100% stainless steel products.

  3. Throughout development phases, overseas development team and the manufacture were having hard time delivering samples in high-quality. Multiple rounds of samples were made through test tools, changing material vendors and manufacturing techniques.


  1. Researched different types and grades of stainless steel and advised the overseas team through research findings to try different manufacturing techniques, including using RF gun to check materials received as well as welding different parts in controlled environment to avoid potential rusting issue.

  2. Purchased and compared various types of stainless steel products, including competitors to define Pros and Cons.


  • Instead of thinly stamped or heavily casted metal utensils, these utensils are made of hollow handles. The product was built to last beyond toddler years, and it can be used for desert utensils/ transform into an ice cream spoon, a desert folk and spread knife.

  • The weight was carefully considered and evenly distributed from the handle to the utensil head, so it doesn’t tip over easily when the utensil was left in the bowl.

  • The executives at Munchkin loved the product very much, and it had expended into a part of gift sets and giftable items with premium packaging.

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  • FORM

    Each utensil was designed as a single uni-body piece. Handles are designed ergonomically with proper curves for little hands. Overall, the utensils have rounded shape, and its backsides are smooth to touch. There are no sharp corners, edges or nooks and crannies on the handles for both safety and easy to clean purposes.


    Spoon bowl is designed to hold proper amount of food and liquid. Fork tines are rounded and not too long, and it can pierce through cooked meat, carrots and broccolis.
    Knife edge has faux-serrations, but it can be sharpened as a toddler grows into a young child , and the shape of tip is broader and rounder than the base, so it can be safe for toddlers and childrens to put it into their mouths as well as accidently dropped onto their feet.


    The products were reviewed, tested and certified by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International.


    The products are made of medical grade stainless steel. It is 100% sustainable and recyclable.


    Each utensils are made through stamping, grinding, welding and high polishing process. Manufacturing process required highly skilled metal welding workmanship as premium quality products at much affordable price point.


    The product costs $18.00 (USD), and it includes a spoon, a fork and a knife as a set. It also comes in as 7-piece dining set (only in black and gray): divided plate, flat plate, bowl, cup with training lid, fork, knife, & spoon for $30.00 (USD).

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  • “I like products like this. That is quality made things that are made to last even if they are for children. They far and away are better than little plastic versions. When you see them in the drawer I would say they are the ones reached for first. At least by the parents and other adults. Kids may grab the printed on plastic cartoon character version. It will eventually fade and become worn. Kids may also want to mimic the adults and grab one of these. They look good for a longer period of time. They also clean and wash on the hot cycle of your dishwasher with no issues at all. I think they look adorable. Quality made and cute. I find the handles to be shaped and sized right for most kids. There are no sharp or overly pointed parts on the pieces. The fork is mostly blunt and the knife is like a butter knife. They have just enough edge to perform their tasks. It's a great way to transition your little one to adult utensils. They bring a smile to my face and other adults too. 5 stars.” (by Earth Spirits)

  • “I am a grandmother, and I love this cutlery set for toddlers. They are beautiful, heavier and much more sturdy than most sets. The spoon and fork have much larger surface areas as well. They larger size is easy for kids to hold. They also are not prone to bending. Shorter than adult tableware, this makes it easier to balance to get the food to their mouths. My kids had to use much smaller utensils that made it difficult to actually get food into their mouths. Many sets do not have the knife, which is not too sharp but good to learn how to cut foods that are not too hard or tough. This set goes with any plates, and the stainless can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher. I would go so far as to recommend this for adults who are very shaky and find it difficult to eat with normal tableware.” (by Naomi Manygoats)

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