LA Design Festival, "Design with Purpose"


Public speech is scheduled for LA Design Festival in ROW DTLA in June 22nd. Please join the event and mingle with creatives and likely minds in Los Angeles.

TALK: Designing for the Small x Simon Kang with Munchkin

“There are many design components needed in order to design baby related products. From understanding ergonomics to safety regulations to market driven cost factors, the industrial designers in this market need to constantly learn, understand and utilize the best logical options and quality outputs to meet multiple demands. During this speech, Simon Kang will address three key points in his design works: design for parents, sustainability by design and design beyond baby years.”


IDA 18-Silver.jpg

Brica Car Seat Magnet Buckle Clips won this years IDA Award, Silver.

Also, two other products, Smile N Scoop Training Plate and Splash Toddler Fork, Knife and Spoon Set received IDA Honorable Mentions.

Extend™ Faucet Extenders for toddlers and kids. It helps little hands reach the water.

Extend faucet extender-c.jpg

The company urgently needed a brand new faucet extender for kids, but the Target retail buyers didn’t have much time to wait.

From an initial research to signing off PP samples, it took less than 9 months to design and develop this product. This was the fastest timeline the company spent on launching a new product into the market. While it was such a ‘fast & furious’ project, the product was well received by customers and it is currently available for purchase at Target and Amazon.



Just before Thanksgiving this year, Munchkin finally launched two products that I finished design and develop for the company quite a while ago.

One is called Splash Toddler Fork, Knife & Spoon Set, and the other one is called Gentle Transition Cup.

I joined Munchkin’s in-house design team 3 years ago and I’d brought so much to the company, including 30 million dollars in revenue, internationally renowned design awards, simple aesthetics, intuitive and functional products which drive Munchkin brand into a lifestyle brand for the new generation of parents and babies.